borden-milk-profileretro gamingMy favorite thing to do is to collect old signs, old Borden milk bottles (Because my middle name is Borden).  I like to also collect records and other old things I think are cool.  I actually just started getting interrested in records such as 45s, 78s, 33s because my grandparents have a huge collection of records and a Victrola crank 78 player.

I have just been given a really old baseball game and it is from around 1925 and you play by pressing a spinner/spring and the wheel moves with different plays depending on who’s on base.  I also have a few retro video game consoles such as a NES, Atari and a Gameboy.

I really like to play tennis and want to play boys tennis in High School.  My dad is the girls coach but just started coaching boys tennis last year and I want to play for him.  The school I go to is logan elm and they used to have a boys team but till now they hadn’t had one in 20 years.  I have been going to tennis lesson in Chillicothe, OH and have a lesson with the pro there.   I just really want to play tennis as a real sport and play against some other good schools.

My favorite subject is science and my favorite thing in science is engineering.  When I grow up I want to be a Civil Engineer.  When I did a project in 5th grade I did it on Civil Engineering and I had to ask my uncle who is one, some questions about what his job is like and what he does everyday.