retro gamingIf I could make a international event it would be called Retro Gaming Extravaganza and it would be where everybody would go to booths that were set up and play a different old video game console with a lot of different games to play.  It would be held in Columbus, Oh at the Expo center in the month of September so people would be able to come because it would be over a week.  Each person would get a 15 minute play time and if they wanted more they could just get in line again.

The reason I made it about old video games is to bring them back because people today just throw them away without thinking about their history.  I believe that everything has interesting history of its own even video games which means even the systems today will someday have history of how long it was around or how many games came out for the system.  I like to collect old things like Borden memorabilia so I guess I just like to collect all old stuff.

While there people could also buy and sell games and systems.  At each booth there would be two tv’s and two of the same game systems so two people could play at a time.  There would also be retro handhelds to buy ,sell and play.



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