Growing up as the son of one teacher is hard enough but when both your parents are teachers, it is doubly tough.  As a grown-up, I understand how difficult it is to interact with your peers, your adults and even yourself!  But when you add in the pressure of your parent or parents being at your school every day, it can become either a blessing or a curse.  I may be a grown-up now, a fourth grade teacher, and most importantly, a mom but I remember when I went to the high school where my mom was an English teacher.  We drove together, had homeroom together, class together– I was surrounded!  I also recall constantly running into her students and students that my dad had in class all the time.  A simple trip to the grocery store could turn into hours long after speaking to several students or parents that they knew.

Now, years later– I am doing the very same thing to my son and daughter!  We run errands and run into students and parents and they roll their eyes just like I did with my parents.  I monitor my children’s grades like a hawk just like my teacher parents did to me and my brother.  No incident is unheard of and no assignment forgotten on my watch!  Sometimes though, I pause and remember how I felt with the pressure to perform well and the comments from other kids about how I was treated “differently” because I was the teacher kid. I try to back off and let my son and my daughter be themselves–even if it means they forget to turn in a paper or don’t listen to directions as well as they should.  The best part of being a kid is gradually learning that parents are always there but learn how to shrink from the foreground to the background.  My goal as my son and daughter’s mom and teacher is to learn to give them the freedom to grow into responsible learners–even if it means I fade into the backdrop…unwillingly but knowingly.