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Board Games

The history of Monopoly begins before Charles Darrow and Parker Brothers. To find the first true version you must go back to 1904 and meet a woman named Elizabeth Magie (pronounced McGee). ²It was in 1904 that Lizzie was granted… Continue Reading →


My favorite thing to do is to collect old signs, old Borden milk bottles (Because my middle name is Borden).  I like to also collect records and other old things I think are cool.  I actually just started getting interrested… Continue Reading →


I am poem   I am easy going. I wonder about weather and tornadoes. I hear old records play at my grandma’s house. I see that things change faster than I would like. I want to collect records and old… Continue Reading →

International Event

If I could make a international event it would be called Retro Gaming Extravaganza and it would be where everybody would go to booths that were set up and play a different old video game console with a lot of… Continue Reading →

About Sydney

This the about post is about a classmate and instead of writing a post I used Tagxedo. Here is her blog http://sydneywle.edublogs.org/. We picked names out of a hat and I drew Sydney from my class.

Picture only Post

Attributions left to right first image: http://www.vg247.com/2015/03/11/netflix-engineers-got-a-nintendo-nes-to-run-the-streaming-service/.second image: http://ayllax.com/fair-but-not-equal. Third image : http://www.episcopalchicago.org/at-work-in-the-church/youth-ministry/big-awesome/

My blog Audit

I did an audit on my blog.  I wrote 1 school based post and a total of 15 posts by the challenge and school based.  I wrote 1 of my own interests posts about veterans day.  I also wrote 13… Continue Reading →

Energy sustainability

Now a days when we need to go somewhere you are using fossil fuels but people have been using them far before now.  The average rate of consumpution of fossil fuels is shown by the chart above.  When you think… Continue Reading →

Count Three

When I was looking at blogs for count three is lucas’s blog and it had this awesome post about this cool story that is where there is an alien invasion where this kid age 12 saves the day.  It was… Continue Reading →

School Improvement

If I could change the school I would choose to change the size of the lockers.  I mean how are you supposed to get to your locker and still try to get a good place in line for lunch.  They… Continue Reading →

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